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Last Spring Erin performed the role of Banquo/MacDuff in Daniella Caggiano's adaptation of Macbeth, directly after stepping into the title character of Casey Bigg's production of Julius Caesar.  In the Fall, she stunned audiences as the mob boss and belting broad The Fly in Weill's Happy End. 


Her earlier work in NYC varies from the classical to abstract farce.  In 2013 she played a young woman battling Asperger's in Artistic New Direction's  original piece, Human Resources.   She served as an understudy for the Pearl Theatre Company's production of The Marriage of Figaro and performed in Serious Theatre Collective's award winning Sci Fi comedy, The Apocalypse of John at the NY Fringe and Philly Fringe.  

As a creative artist Erin has worked with and lead several groups.  She is currently a regular collaborator and performer with Project Theater's monthly show, Our Bar.  She has worked as a Producer and Actor for the production company Errant Abhean, whose leadership she shares with collaborator Fahnon Bennett.   

Erin originally trained at Temple University in Philadelphia and is currently an MFA Candidate in Acting at 

The New School of Performing Arts.  She's worked with regional theater companies like Arden Theatre Company, 

Act II Playhouse, Fulton Opera House and Williamstown Theater Festival.     

A native of rural Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Erin's creative beginnings were forged in the mud puddles of the woods and the window seat of her local library.  She loves the process of study and rehearsal. She relishes exploring the wide variety of genres and characters each opportunity can provide. Her creative streak often leads her to sit on varrying sides of the table. Her goals and projects joyfully seek to challenge and twist the traditions they're founded in. In every capacity, she has been blessed with mentors and teachers who love their craft and hold their students to the dedication and passion it deserves.  

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